Disadvantages of Xiomi Redmi…

Believe me friends but I never was inclined to the show off products. Those who boast that their products beat Apple, are just showing off, nothing else. I would only say that –


Just visit the this link to know more about the comments of those people who had been the victims of Xiomi Redmi….

Heats up very fast, Poor RAM management (apps getting closed) and Battery drains like insane!

All I can say is, this device looks awesome on paper. In reality it is such a disappointment. I am writing this review from the perceptive of a normal user not of a product tester. My only intention is to intimate my findings to prospective buyers hoping that it will be helpful to them.  I am using this product for 5 days and it gives me one hell of a headache. If I just use net on this phone for 20 minutes (I mean simple Google surfing, E-paper reading, nothing much) this device (specifically at the portion close to the primary camera and then spreading eventually even to the screen glass) becomes super hot. People, it is not just warm, I say, it becomes a supernova not exploded. When I say hot, just imagine, you can feel the heat on your palm for at least 3 minutes or so after you leave the phone somewhere. Now about the battery, It does mostly drain, yea, if you wonder, it also does the intended work while draining 🙂 But I am so worried that the battery will die soon, I just keep it locked all the time 🙂 What a useful piece. In 10 minutes of minimal use I am sure it will drain at least 2%.

I don’t want to write much on RAM because I am not an expert on this. But all I can say is, at many instances, apps get closed just like that. With my limited knowledge, I believe, it has something to do with poor RAM management of the device.

At last, I really do hope that MIUI will soon release a ROM update which will solve some of these issues. I am even ready to buy a higher capacity battery if Xiaomi offers one at a reasonable price. I would also like to state some positive points about this phone. Despite its weight, this phone does not look cheap at all. The display quality and camera quality is very good for this price. If you by any chance read my review, please do check also with other users on performance of this phone before spending your money.

I must say again that –

Give it a second or even third thought before purchasing the Xiomi Redmi product…!

  1. October 23, 2014, 2:59 am

    1.Use it in winter
    2.Use it to Iron your cloths
    3.Use it as Water Heater
    4.Cook rice on it

    I thought its a Mobile


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