TechEye for Blind People

TechEye Device

Guys I recently finished working on a project called TechEye for Blind People. It is a handy device for blind people which makes them aware and compatible with their surrounding.

Science is such a field of research which tends to make life of a human comfortable and less complicated, it makes our life easy. But what about these physically impaired people? I particularly came up with this project because this makes life of a blind person more efficient. My device TechEye which stands for Technology Eye enables the blind person to get known to his/her surroundings. And he/she can act accordingly.
Currently blind people are facing a huge problem when they are in a public place. They have stick in their hand which helps them a bit. But I modified that stick and installed ultrasonic sensors along with necessary hardware in it. Which helps the blind person more efficiently and lets him sense the surrounding up to a radius of 2 meters (which can be adjusted as per the need) And the device TechEye will prove to be the best assistant for the blind person.
The TechEye enables the blind person the sense the surrounding and act accordingly. Ones he/she starts using it, they will feel no need of human assistance. And they will be able to do certain things which they cannot do now with just a stick in their hand.
Our first objective is to provide an easy way of detecting obstacles to blind people, while walking. Secondly we have to design a low cost i.e. economical instrument for the blind people, which they can afford. The design of the instrument should be simple to operate and easy to use for the blind people. The instrument must give fairly accurate results while detecting the obstacles. The instrument must work for a long time on the portable and rechargeable battery. And lastly, the instrument must work long life and to the fullest possible utility.

People, who cannot see, face such difficulties every day. They depend on their other senses (touch, smell, sound and taste) to learn about the world around them. And with practice, they learn to use these senses better than people with sight.

So to help socially I designed a microcontroller based device. The device uses Ultrasonic Waves to detect obstacles around the blind person. When there is any kind of obstacle in front of the blind person holding the TechEye the Ultrasonic Sensor will detect the presence of the obstacle or any object and will produce the sound of “beep” by means of an electronic buzzer. And hence the blind person will get aware of the object.

Technical Specifications:

  • ATMega16 – 8 bit microcontroller.
  • HC-SR-04 US Sensor – with 2cm-400cms range.
  • LM7805 – 3-terminal 5V regulator IC .
  • A 9V rechargeable battery.
  • An electronic piezoelectric crystal buzzer.
  • Push to on/ Release to off switch (for low battery consumption).
  • Charging port.
  • 12V regulated power supply charging adapter.

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