TechEye for Blind People

Guys I recently finished working on a project called TechEye for Blind People. It is a handy device for blind people which makes them aware and compatible with their surrounding. Science is such a field of research which tends to make life of a human comfortable and less complicated, it makes our life easy. But [...]

Guidelines about preparing 11-12th bifocal electronics subject

I am writing these guidelines about HSC board exam paper of bifocal electronics, particularly because of the following reasons: Just recently I completed my 12th standard in electronics and got good marks in electronics subject. However, I thought to share the things I observed and the things that I ignored, during my 12th standard study, regarding [...]

Ultrasonic obstacle avoider + edge avoider robot using ATMega16

Following is the fully tested code of Ultrasonic obstacle avoider + edge avoider robot using ATMega16. You can change the distance of obstacle sensing by editing the RED marked code in the program. /* * Program of US obstacle avoider + edge avoider robot * Created: 12.06.2016 * Vidyasagar Academy, Akola; ===== CONNECTION DETAILS [...]

Missing My school Days….!

I miss my school days, where I spent 10 yrs The years of laughter, friendship, jealous where teacher thaught us. The respect, the knowledge of life! I miss my school days, where we all friends played together, We played the games of true friendship, And promised to be friends for forever, We played the games [...]

Just started with photography…

Photography is the science, art and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film, or electronically by means of an image sensor. Just started with…. And collecting some info. about photography… Wait therez more… Typically, a lens is used [...]

Disadvantages of Xiomi Redmi…

Believe me friends but I never was inclined to the show off products. Those who boast that their products beat Apple, are just showing off, nothing else. I would only say that – APPLE IS APPLE…! AND NOBODY CAN BEAT IT….! Just visit the this link to know more about the comments of those people who had [...]

Good experimental kits of YashPlus Education

I have observed that the experimental kits of YashPlus Education, Akola are very accurate and work very precisely particularly for taking the readings in practical electronics. So my advice is the go with these kits only so that the students of 11th and 12th vocational electronics will not get frustrated while taking the readings in [...]

XI & XII Bifocal Electronics Notes

Am being in XII standard electronics, I naturally became the student of my Pops. The notes of this subject that he has written are just great. So I thought to share them with my friends and others. My Pop’s written a set of complete study material which contains notes, solved/unsolved problems booklets, practical guidelines booklets, [...]

Saraswati! Goddess of wisdom!

Its been a nice trip just recently to Basar in AP. I preferebly liked the life styles of AP people and the overall conduct over there. Its been a convention in AP and the rest of India that when a child becomes 5 years of age, he/she is taken to the temple of Goddess Saraswati [...]

Wanna learn C? Quick?

That’s nice, that you are now at least up to the thought of learning C. Cool…! Hey guys, this is so simple to learn. I shall give you one simple and most effective suggestion. Just visit my pop’s site on this link and join YRC Akola. Yes, its YashPlus Robotics Club of Akola. So join [...]

My leisure shoots

Photography is my hobby. Whenever it comes to camera it makes me crazy. Just the camera and me…! People just go on saying that the quality of photographs depends on the type of camera. But I don’t agree with this…! Its as bad as saying that how can I dance, since this very floor itself is [...]

Missing something?

YashPlus has large many activities started right here in Akola. Have you taken a note of this…? No. Then you gonna loose a lot. Rush to the following links and get connected with Yash+. Social Networks: Yash+ Robotics Club | Yash+ Practical Classes | Yash+ Amateur Radio Club | Yash+ Aeromodelling Club | Have you missed something? Refer the current newsletter of Yash+. Click the following link: