Enjoying summer holidays

Its so hot now…! But outside. Ah, uh, inside my home, its justa coooooooooool….! Ya, that the holidays started am just enjoying them and enjoying them and enjoying them…. No studies, no homework, no nothing….! What a relief….!

Gonna drive, crazy!

Hi guys, this year very soon am gonna be sixteen. Hold your breath and watch me. Am gonna drive crazy, as I am getting the driving license very soon. Don’t you remember my BD, its 10th July friends. So start down counting.

Jusss posted

Didn’t know what to do? Came across some of my snaps. So jusssss posted them. It occurs to me that people just go on reading even the craziest things. See! Haven’t you read this…!!!¬†Thanks anyway. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Do you like bicycle? I like riding on bicycle… Well, well, well, [...]

I love mechanics!

I juss love mechanics, the way the things works, the way the gear rotate and the wheels whoooosh…! Its my life dream to design a big shot company of my own. Am gonna design the world’s fastest possible car, with ultimate look and feel….! Stay tuned. Who knows, one day you might come to me [...]

Robo at my school exhibition

It gave the immense pleasure to present the robotic kit built by me and presented at the science exhibition at my school. The kit was built by me under the guidance of my father. It worked very nicely and that the program which was loaded into the MUC was line follower in ‘C’ language.