My keyboard

Music is so relaxing friends! I just stop working sometime and play music on keyboard…! Its different again…! When the great player Milkhasingh had been to my city, I played guitar in the music concert for welcoming the guests and the audience…!

The Deity of wisdom!

Its been a nice trip just recently to Basar in AP. I preferebly liked the life styles of AP people and the overall conduct over there. Its been a convention in AP and the rest of India that when a child becomes 5 years of age, he/she is taken to the temple of Goddess Saraswati [...]

My robo video

I presented my robotic kit in my Jubilee CBSE School, during a science exhibition. See the video of my successful working of LINE FOLLOWING ROBOT kit. Its been a great experience for me to build this robo under the able supervision of my dad.